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photo app - charge or include?

Ive not really experimented with the photo app.
Do you lot charge extra for its use? Do you use it? Do you chuck a big watermark to stop screen shots? do you encourage sharing?

does the access to the app stop if your online gallery is timed out???


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    If the gallery is set to Expire, the gallery's Access Control setting will be changed to 'Private' when it expires.

    Expired galleries cannot be viewed in the Photo Moments app. If the client was previously viewing gallery, the gallery will become no longer viewable in the app when it is set to Private.
  • Hazel, in the settings section (within customized view) I disabled the Photo Moments App as it was enabling folks to just tap and copy photos I wanted to sell as files.

    I'll be interested to hear if there is a "correct" way of using this app that will permit clients to view and order but not tap and save to their device.
  • SueGSueG Member Posts: 66
    edited March 2016
    the app is no longer working; all recent reviews for the current version on the app store (apple) are agreeing that is is crashing upon opening, and is unusable.

    Can Zen please comment on the support and timeframe for fixing? I was directing clients to use it until last fall, but cannot ask them to download the current bug-ridden, constantly crashing app. @StephenZen
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  • Thanks guys - I think I will ignore the app for now. I was emailing some people with the invite but think you're right, they just screen shot them and they've got them forever.
    I'm wondering if its useful as a bridal brag app, in a separate gallery with my selected images, as an extra.

    if the app bugs get exterminated ;)
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