Is there a way to share image not just the link social media sites

When using the share buttons the only option to share is the link, Is there a way to share the image that when clicked on will take customers to the site? I find not having the image show is kind of a waste of time... people want to see the image then click the image to go to the link. Any info would be helpful ...Thanks

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  • Grimalkin StudioGrimalkin Studio Member Posts: 5
    Thanks StephenZen the images are not showing in Google+ or Twitter only the links, the preview image does show on Facebook. I'll contact support
  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    In case you're still interested in sending the actual image to Facebook and not just a link to the image, you can do so by exporting the image to Facebook instead of sharing it.

    Unlike sharing, exporting actually sends a copy of the image to Facebook for display on Facebook. The image is then stored in Facebook's servers, just like if you were to upload the image directly to Facebook.
  • WildPlanet PhotosWildPlanet Photos Member Posts: 17
    edited August 2016
    So I am finding if I share a link to Facebook or Twitter, as other users have reported, only the link appears. But if I share from Flickr a link is sent that automaticaly blows itself up into an image. Clicking on that image then takes the clicker to the Flickr site. As far as I know the imae itself is not shared, just the link, but an image is seen. Zenfolio seems to be useless as a showcasing tool if it isnt able to interface properly with social media.
  • I have facebook messaged a page asking about it but it seems they do not want to share their secret. bhadriram 2012-12-21 07:46:22 UTC #5. The easiest way is just use a link tag.
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