Keywords on Single Image View

When viewing a gallery the keywords I assign to the gallery when creating it are shown on the thumbnail page.

When I click on a thumbnail to view (and buy!) the single image, the Title and Caption are shown but not the keywords assigned to that image.

Show keywords is turned on. I tried a couple of different layouts, but all seem to have the keywords missing.

Have I missed something or is this how the Zen works? Seems an obvious thing show, otherwise whey extract them from the image when importing?

Example links:

Gallery with key works on the right

Single image from the same gallery without keywords


  • Still digging ... Getting Google to fetch the page it seems the keywords are in the HTML metadata, does repeating them on the page as text give a bigger boost?

    The two pages seems to follow a different philosophy

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    David - You say, "Show keywords is turned on." Do you mean that you have turned them on in the thumbnail options page as well as the single image options page?
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    I believe I have them turned on for both pages. Or put another way I can't find separate options for the thumbnail and single image views.

    In edit view, looking at the page, click options and make sure the radio button is pressed for comments and keywords, which it is.

    Strange - is there something I'm missing?
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    Dave - Since I don't have access to your account settings you may want to send an email directly to support and have them look at things for you. They would be able to tell you exactly what settings need to be changed in order to accomplish what you want. Let us know what they say.
  • Interesting .... Seems the Keywords are there they are just not readily visible :-)

    Clicking on Info brings up the information about the images which includes the EXIF and the Keywords.

    My paranoia of course wondered if Google could see this and a bit of digging with Fetch as Google proves it can.

    Moral of the story - worry not about web sites ... go take photos :-)

    And thanks to Robert @ Zenfolio Support for putting me on the right track
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    "Moral of the story - worry not about web sites ... go take photos :-)"

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