Online Photo Books that can be shared?

I haven't had any luck searching for this. Does anyone know of a program that will allow me to create an online photo album (not a photo album online that will be printed) that I can share with others? Ideally, the album would have the option of being printed; but being able to save and share it is most important. Example: I have 200+ photos from a recent event I'd like to put in an album to show the client as an alternative to just looking at the photos in a gallery. Thanks!


  • Peter StanleyPeter Stanley Member Posts: 5
    Hi Myra, I made a book in and know you can have the option to share as an ebook. The nice thing about this is that you could choose to print it through blurb later. Just a random idea that might work for you. Otherwise something like a shared album through a cloud service like lightroom or iphoto might be an option?
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