Clients Cannot Download Photos

Several clients told me they couldn't download photos, even though they have tried may times. In my PC, it doesn't happen. Is there anyone having the same problem? (I already asked Support Center a few weeks ago, but never receive their reply.)

I hope someone knows about this critical issues. I might not be able to continue this wonderful website. Many thanks


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 549
    We're not actually experiencing any technical issues on our end that would prevent most site visitors from downloading images (if the downloading has been allowed by the photographer).

    In most cases, the inability for the client to download images is due to one of these reasons:

    The downloading has not been allowed by the photographer
    There is a cache or addon issue in the browser that is preventing the downloading
    There is program (such as an anti-virus program) that is preventing the download
    There is a computer setting that is preventing the download
    There is a network issue or security setting preventing the download (this happens a lot in office networks)

    Barring an issue with the gallery's setting not being set to allow downloading, most issues can be traced to a browser issue. For this reason, asking the client to re-attempt to download the images using a different web browser usually resolved the issue.

    If you're still not sure which of the above is the cause of the issue, please PM me with your email address so that we can check our email inbox for your email chain and forward our reply.
  • I just spoke to my client some more. The problem they seem to have is that they put their email address in but never get a reply with a link to download the batch of photos. Do you know why this would be and how we can resolve it.


  • Sorry posted on wrong thread.
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