Customer Procedure for choosing favorite with a phone

hortivalhortival Member Posts: 2
Please can somebody give me the link or the entire procedure for my customer to give me his favorite from the galery with his iPhone. It seems not very userfriendly seems I don't find it and many customers either .

Thank you.


  • StephenZenStephenZen Administrator Posts: 609
    This article in our Support Center goes over Favorites for your Visitors:

    From a mobile device if the mobile version of your site is enabled, the interface is slightly different, but it's essentially the same flow. On a thumbnail page on mobile they can touch the drop down arrow on the top right and choose Select > touch the images they want to flag as Favorites > touch the drop down arrow, again > Add to Favorites.

    If visitors are on the photo page on mobile, there is a heart icon displayed over the image. They can touch that to mark an image as a Favorite.

    Once a client makes a Favorites selection they show up in your account under Photos > Favorites > Other Favorites. If they've explicitly shared them with you, they'll show under Shared Favorites instead.
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