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you can see my property picture site here

you can see my property picture site here


  • Looks great!

    You may want to edit the Access Control setting of the gallery you've chosen to display in your homepage to allow for displaying the largest available display image size (XX-Large). See this link for the details.
  • alibabawebberalibabawebber Member Posts: 1
    نكته بعدي كه اكثر توليد كننده هاي درب ضد سرقت به ان توجه اي نميكنند اين است كه هنگامي كه درب ضد سرقت ابعادش از ابعاد استاندارد بيشتر شود
    بايد سازه داخلي ان نيز تقويت شود وساختار داخلي تغيير كند در غير اين صورت درب ضد سرقت مقاومت خود را نسبت به فشار هاي وارده ازدست داده
    برگرفته از سایت - reference
    درب ضد سرقت
  • mohsenmohsen Member Posts: 1
    Hey There!

    The variable "{customer_name}" fills in the customer's name in order confirmation email templates. Unfortunately, that variable will currently not work when sending emails to clients.(parsizi)

    I would recommend using an inclusive greeting such as "Hello, Greetings, or Good Day" for your template, and then customize it as you see fit.
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