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Can anyone tell me how I can reduce the size of the copyright and company name watermark? Is there a better way to copyright photos? Thanks!


  • StephenZenStephenZen Administrator Posts: 609
    Are you referring to the built-in watermarks in your Zenfolio account?

    If so, what you can do is go to Photos > Watermarks and then hover over the one you need to adjust and choose Download watermark. Once it's downloaded, you'll be able to resize it on your computer in a separate application. Then re-upload the watermark once it has been re-sized by choosing the "New" button on the same page (Photos > Watermarks).

    Do keep in mind you'll want to size it appropriately for an 800x600 resolution image.

    This article goes over more on creating custom watermarks, which may help along the way with resizing these.

    I think using the watermarks is one of the best ways to help prevent unauthorized use of your images. This way, even if someone takes a screenshot, the watermark will be retained on the screenshot of the image.
  • Jeff SmithJeff Smith Sugarcreek Township, OH 45370Member Posts: 6
    StephenZen, I spent the weekend trying to overcome this Zenfolio limitation. I've tried variations of your advice above. The challenge lies in reducing my .png watermark to the right proportion.

    Since I'm seeking a watermark presence in the lower corner of my image, I have to reduce my 600x600 pixel watermark to 130 pixels in height. This act pixelates my watermark, mutilating the appearance of the brand. I have .eps and .ai versions (vector format) which would scale smaller, but Zenfolio won't accept these.

    The attached image shows two watermarks. Left side has embedded feature per PS/LR export. Right side is the best I can achieve with Zenfolio's limitation.

    In trying to use the technique you list above, I believe it would help if Zenfolio would permit watermark sizes of ~4000 pixels. This way I could leave my watermark at normal sizes (in lower corner) on the transparency which offers a smoother appearance. Seeking your advice and thoughts?

    Jeff Smith
    Capture 2.JPG
    2476 x 1532 - 474K

    Jeff Smith
  • quantumquantum Member Posts: 7
    Totally agree.
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