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I'm only just starting to use the blog feature in zenfolio. How do I fill the full 960px across when displaying a portrait image instead of getting those large ugly white margins?
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  • StephenZenStephenZen Administrator Posts: 609
    Vertical images work a bit differently with blog posts and even custom pages.

    For a vertical image, it's not possible to have it fill the max 944 pixels width on a blog page, as this would break the 960 pixel height limitation on the vertical aspect (max image display size is 1550 width x 960 height for the XX-Large size).

    Therefore, in order for the 960 pixel height limitation of the XX-large display size to be accommodated, the actual width has to be smaller. For a 2:3 aspect ratio image, it would end up being around 640 px wide to accommodate the 960 px height limitation.

    One thing you could do to work around this somewhat is to create a 2x1 collage of vertical images where they were side by side. You could either do this in an application like Photoshop and upload a single image file or even using tables on your blog post would work as well.
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