Getting noticed on the web.

Been trying to keyword photos so that my photos come up in google searches but nothing seems to work. Is there a simple fix for this? Apparently I'm doing something wrong and it's very frustrating. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


  • Barry CruverBarry Cruver Lehighton, PAMember Posts: 37

    You might want to check out this resource if you haven't already:

    There is a video specifically on SEO which might be helpful. They go over in good detail what helps and what doesn't. Keywords from what I understand with Google do little to nothing anymore. It's all about the content (Captions/titles, Descriptions, URL's, etc).

    Hope this helps.

  • Geografpix PhotographyGeografpix Photography Member Posts: 164
    I've wasted too much time fiddling with keywords, captions, even decent descriptive text on the pages and still my images are hardly noticed by Google because of Zenfolios rubbish grade SEO. Why is it I can put less information on other sites and have my images found by Google in a matter of days, yet two years still delivers precious little with Zenfolio.

    The problem is Zenfolio's SEO absolutly sucks and Zenfolio apparently either don't care or don't have the skill to fix their problem.

    Google downrates all web sites that are not properly responsive for mobile devices. Google informed the world of that ages ago, yet Zenfolio is still completely non-responsive and Zenfolio has done NOTHING to fix it, which puts all of us at a substantial SEO disadvantage. Furthermore, instead of putting in the effort to fix the problem, Zenfolio are still wasting time playing with and promoting their utterly pathetic mobile app. What part of Responsive does Zenfolio not understand, Google does not rate mobile apps, it rates web site content and Responsive web sites get higher ranking!!

    The question we all should be hammering into Zenfolios collective head is when is Zenfolio going to comply with Google SEO requirements by making our sites responsive? How long do we have to wait while Zenfolio dither around while we are potentially loosing business because of Zenfolio's incessant dithering around?

  • SkidsSkids Member Posts: 183
    Geografpix. Have Zenfolio responded to you at all about this.
    I am equally annoyed at the complete lack of decent SEO provoded by Zenfolio.
    Its very difficult to find my images when I search using unique keywords that I have entered.
    Other sites do SEO much, much better but as you say Zenfolio don't seem to care.
  • Geografpix PhotographyGeografpix Photography Member Posts: 164

    No Zenfolio are STILL foolishly silent on this matter so we are all left to suffer lousy SEO and ponder why Zenfolio don't even care enough to respond.

    My guess why - They haven't got a clue how to even begin redeveloping the site to make it properly Responsive and therefore don't even have a plan yet, let alone a timeline. Mind you, with the so called upgrades they've done over the past year or so all being shambolic failures that STILL don't work properly, we could be forgiven for thinking that their software developers run for the hills everytime they hear the word "Responsive".

    My patience with the growing list of ongoing issues caused by Zenfolio is wearing a tad thin now.
  • Michael BurkeMichael Burke Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if smugmug does quality SEO? I'm about to take my 30 day refund of my new zenfolio account based upon their apparent lack of SEO support.
  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,461
    The only service that I am aware of that makes SEO a top priority is Photoshelter. The reason for this is that the majority of their clients are:

    1. Fill-time working professionals.
    2. Do business on a national or international scale.
    3. License images to media outlets worldwide.

    Their need for SEO is much greater than most professional photographers. I, for example, only do business on a regional basis (within 30 miles of my home), have a vertical business model with my commercial clients, and have direct face-to-face contact with my retail clients. While SEO is important to me, it's not mission critical. If I need to reach out to all of my clients and prospective clients it would take me less than 3 minutes to do so. I have their email addresses.... all 2000+ of them.
  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,461
    BTW .... @Geografpix Photography has been a strong voice on the topic of SEO. His posts and insights are worth reading. I appreciate his time and efforts to spell things out so we can fully understand the issues as they relate to Zenfolio.
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