How to use the client presentation mode on Zenfolio app.

How do you use client presentation mode on the Zenfolio app?

Also side note my Zenfolio app on android is glitchy , it opens different albums from what I click.


  • StephenZenStephenZen Administrator Posts: 609
    The client presentation mode does require an iPad to use.

    You can use the client presentation mode in the app by opening a gallery and then choosing Presentation at the bottom.

    Regarding the issues you're seeing with the Android app, please reach out to our Support team at for assistance. They'll be able to look into it further with you.
  • FrankCFrankC Member Posts: 57
    @StephenZen I've been reporting the error mentioned above + other errors and usability issues with the Android app for literally years now. In summary it's unusable and unfit for purpose - I've also been told that there is no timescale for when these issues will be fixed.
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