Remove logo from the middle of the screen in Circe?

Good day,

is there a way to remove the logo from the middle of the screen in that preset?
I'd much prefer it sit on the same line as the menu.



  • StephenZenStephenZen Administrator Posts: 609
    One of the features to the Circe preset is that the display name shows in the center.

    However, there are other layouts for your homepage that you can switch to that will do more of what you're wanting by having it all on one line with the site menu.

    If you already have the Circe preset applied, you can change the layout for the homepage by going to My Zenfolio > Customize Website > Layout.
  • DG OAKILL DG OAKILL Member Posts: 15
    yes, but it's not easy to find. all logo options in the customization area have buttons to tell it where to place the logo. EXCEPT for the home page. This has to be done on the layout tab. but it still isn't easy because rather than tell you where the logo goes, it relies on pictures. It took me two weeks to notice that the "L" in a circle was the logo and that it was in different locations on different layouts. Why can't there be either descriptions or an actual image of the page? the tiny illustration really doesn't work IMO. It would be great to be able to place the logo anywhere on a home page. It seems in every option there has to be a compromise.

    And I agree. the only bad thing about the Circe design is the location of the logo in the center. this is a terrible place to put a logo on a theme with a full image background. it will never look good consistently.
  • Arseny MedArseny Med Member Posts: 2
    I agree DG.
    Also, the size of the images is STILL screwy, and Zen - obviosuly - doesn't give a rat's ass about it, after years of people complaining about it,
  • DG OAKILL DG OAKILL Member Posts: 15
    Arseny, that is a concern of mine as well.

    I've been with zenfolio consistently since 2008. However, do to many lacking options, I've also over the course of that time had additional supplemental sites with: wordpress (self-hosted), photoshelter, tumblr, blogspot and squarespace. I've recently decided to abandon all the others and focus on Zen. Because at the end of the day, the two companies that do the most, for what I need are Zen and Smug. Though neither are perfect. From here on out it will be a comparison for me as my renewal is in Jan.
  • Arseny MedArseny Med Member Posts: 2
    To be honest, had it not been for the fact that Zen is cheaper and gave me a wee bit of a credit, i'd be migrating to smug in no time.
    It is more stable, load times are much better as are selling options.
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