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Hi everyone , i use Zenfolio about 2 years and i most say it is great...BUT , i must claim about one thing !! I am forced to update my price list every time Zenfolio update something .... I work with micro stock site´s , agencies and i want to sell digital files too in my site , here at . i notice that all my galleries have at this time the download option blocked...again after an update... I don´t have time to see everything and overtime Zenfolio changes something.... Today one of my clients call me reporting a problem... " She can´t access to download´s , so it bought my image at Fotolia.... Good ?!? Or not , she pay more , i win less .... now , i must to configure all over again , until the next update .... Please, fix these ! Thank´s

An advice :
- Please , let us change the units from inches to cm in the dashboard ... No one , at least in Portugal , can find how to change that in a buying experience , we don´t work with inches ! Thank´s


  • StephenZenStephenZen Administrator Posts: 609
    Your price lists shouldn't be blocked whenever an update is made on our end. We'd be happy to look into this further with you and see what may be going on, though, so please reach out to our Support team at if you haven't already.

    For any of your vendor fulfilled products through Zenfolio's partners, the units of measure can be manually chosen along with the shipping destination, if needed.

    By default, the system should choose the appropriate one based on the selling currency of the price list. Also, the IP address of the computer that the visitor is using to access the site comes into play. For North America in USD, the dimensions will default to inches. For Europe in Euros, it should default to centimeters.

    That being said, the defaults for the shopping cart, featured products, the buy drop down menu and the cropping tool in the shopping cart are all based on your language culture. Therefore, if your site is in English, this may be why some of your customers are still seeing inches in some areas.

    Either way, shoot us an e-mail at and we'll be happy to assist in more detail.
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