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Im starting a new thread, I just replied to an old one but this needs to be revived as the problem doesn't seem to have been addressed... I am finding if I share a link to Facebook or Twitter, as other users have reported, only the link appears. But if I share from Flickr a link is sent that automaticaly blows itself up into an image. Clicking on that image then takes the clicker to the Flickr site. As far as I know the image itself is not shared, just the link, but an image is seen. So Flickr is doing it right, Zenfolio is not. Zenfolio seems to be almost useless as a showcasing tool if it isn't able to interface properly with social media. What is going on with this?


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    When sharing a link on Facebook, Facebook display a preview image based on images they have cached when they visited the page. This process is handled entirely by Facebook and is not handled through Zenfolio.

    If no preview image is displayed, it means that Facebook does not have a preview image from the page to display in the Facebook post.

    In some case, this could just be due to a matter of Facebook not updating their cache of that link. In this case, you can use Facebook's Debug page to request that they update their cache of the web page by asking them to Fetch New Scrape Information.

    To request the Fetch for New Scrape Information

    1. Go to this link:
    2. Enter in the link that for the photo or gallery that you're sharing on FB.
    3. Click Debug
    4. Click Fetch New Information or click Scrape Again (whichever option is displayed)

    If this was the cause of the issue, you can now share the link on Facebook and preview images will be displayed.
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    This makes no sense. You think Facebook and Twitter just happen to have a cache of all my Flickr photographs, including ones I only just uploaded? If the image blows up correctly when I share from Flickr but it doesn't when I share from Zenfolio then I suggest, very strongly, that its Zenfolio that is the problem.
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    So I now think the explanation is this. When a link is shared from anywhere that link remains only a link until a new link is constructed by the host from open graphics properties, i.e., that which is stealable. This mean the original shared link is used to create a new link to an actual JPG file which can then be downloaded to the host site or anywhere else. So, when posting from Flickr to Twitter for example, that process is seemingly automatic. But if sharing to Facebook from Zenfolio, say, the process may not be automatic. From Zenfolio to Twitter is unknown, maybe the transformation never happens. But the upshot is that whenever anyone thinks they are merely sharing a link, they are often actually allowing an actual downloadable image, not just a link to an image which can be viewed but not downloaded. The image will seemingly be small, too small for commercial use or printing I should think, but large enough as a useable picture for mobile or iPad display or even display on a laptop or PC. So thats the risk. The upside is that clicking on the link still returns the clicker to your site, its just that right clicking leads to the downloadable image.
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