Favorites - has this changed?

I seem to remember before that one could select and share favorites with the photographer without an account. Now it appears visitors are forced into getting an account in order to do this! Am I missing something? Has this changed?


  • ChessZenChessZen Posts: 552Administrator
    Previously, clients were allowed to create Favorites list without an account. But in order to be able to provide the option to review your clients' Favorites lists as they are creating them, it required that the client be logged in to save the lists to their account.

    So at this time, it does require that the client be logged in to their account in order to create a Favorites list.

    Another advantage to this is that the clients' Favorites list are now stored in their accounts, which means that they no longer get deleted when the Favorites list expires or when the browser's cookies are cleared. This means that we no longer receive reports from photographers and their clients that their Favorites list have disappeared.

    Lastly, it allows the client to be able to access the Favorites list from any computer that is connected to the internet.

  • Thanks - I hadn't used "favorites" in a while - at least I know now my memory isn't going. :-)
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