New shopping cart 9/16/16

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Just saw that it's now available on the Zen blog, and found it unusual that nothing had been posted here yet.

Does anyone have any opinions or feedback on it?


  • I disabled it, opted out. The new shopping experience totally broke the ability to allow customers to download different sized images from the "photo page" because with the new shopping experience, the photo page is no longer there. Instead, it's been replaced with a "hybrid" version of "dim the lights" with a buy button... Think I'm going to apply to become a Beta tester, because evidently - they have none! Lol!!! :smile:
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    wow great info! Unfortunately After a few years here, i don't think Zen believes in beta testing before new roll outs.
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    Hey Grafx! I recommend checking out the New Shopping Experience in about a week or so. There may be new options added to the Quick Shop page by that time.
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    @ChessZen please ask the engineers to look at the download issues the new experience is creating. The new cart seems to be overriding the photographer's choice to not allow downloading. This is a pretty huge deal with massive financial implications for us, Zen's customers.
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    Hi @SueG !

    Our engineers have looked at the download issue and have provided a way to hide the download icon in the Quick Shop.

    You can see how that is done here -
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    Thank you. i checked it-btw it is not a mobile friendly page, so the segmented text was hard to read and only partially loading.

    This will be a sitewide option, so this is not going to work for most of your professional clients who at times allow downloading based on the gallery or event, but often do not allow downloading at all, such as wedding and portrait photographers. They might allow downloading ceremony photos to encourage an unplugged wedding, but not allow downloading the portraits from that same wedding in a different gallery.

    Two locations to select or disable downloading, one sitewide and one per gallery, is just confusing.

    PLEASE let the decision makers know that they should not even think of enforcing this shopping cart change on everyone who uses Zen until

    1. the designers get this basic programming stuff functioning, and
    2. there is an option for a non category based, simple product list That we can arrange as we choose based on what we want to sell

    I see this category-based forced selection cart and two-places-needed-to disable downloads as way more confusing for both us and for our customers, and not as intuitive or progressive.

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  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    Thanks for your feedback, @SueG . I'll be sure to pass it on.

    In regards to point number 2, you can choose to display your products in a list without any categories. You can also change the order in which the products are displayed.

    You can see how that is done here.
  • ilopixilopix Seattle, WAMember Posts: 19
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    My support conversation regarding the new shopping experience. Is anyone else having this issue?

    IB: "I turned on your new Shop Experience and had to turn it off because any gallery with BUY changes my Page layout to something completely different -- both layout and theme/colors changed. I changed it back and confirmed. I hope that you're not going to force implementation of this till that bug is resolved."

    ZEN: The New Shopping Experience is not fully customization yet. There is not currently a way to change the quick shop layout or theme. [intentionally omitted]. You can turn off the New Shopping Experience if you want to hide the option until the engineers have made it possible to customize these options. Thanks for the suggestion! We are always looking for ways we can make improvements and appreciate you taking the time to let us know. This idea makes sense to me and I have forwarded it to our Product Development team as a possible feature enhancement.

    IB: [what? a possible feature enhancement?] That’s a most basic requirement - to take on existing theme without breaking my site or making it look different than the many hours I took to have it look as it does now. New releases should not require me to “fix” my site in any way. That’s unacceptable and you cannot force-enable this feature after the end of 2016 holiday season without it.

    ZEN: Zen’s link says “How long will we be able to opt-out? We're currently forecasting to enable the New Shopping Experience for all Zenfolio Photographers after the end of the 2016 Holiday season.”
  • Barbara JonesBarbara Jones Member Posts: 27
    This New Shopping Experience is utterly awful, and should remain an OPTION !!!
  • Nancy Carey PhotographyNancy Carey Photography Member Posts: 3
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    The new shopping experience is awful. I sent an email to support to let them know my disappointment. For my Fine Art gallery I had it set up so the customer could view each image slowly, full page or click slideshow and see all the images set to music. It was a client pleaser. Now over a third of the page is covered with the price list. The thumbnails at the bottom take up the bottom quarter and don't disappear and lastly my image looks as if it is jammed in. The clients can't even see the bottom of my images because of the thumbnails. All of the foreground is lost. The ability to use slide show with music is gone. I'm so upset. This is not an improvement to the artist showing their work. It's Zenfolio shoving a price list in the client's face even though they can see the whole image. Awful! I wish Zen would keep the opt out and not force us to use this. It is our webpage!
  • Ivan MorozovIvan Morozov Member Posts: 21
    PLEASE! ZENFOLIO kill that damn "new shopping experience", or provide a way for a lot of us to opt out. How could you be so obtuse?! You have forced a design that is killing sales, NOT helping.
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