Download option change

Apparently my clients can no longer do a simple, free Download, after selecting an image.
In the old version, all I had to do was select "Allow Downloading" for a group of images, and provide free downloads to my clients (which I have negotiated with the school I contract with)
Now with the "New" shopping experience, that has disappeared.
Not good for me, at all.
Not sure how a "New and improved" shopping experience offering LESS options, is a good improvement.
I need that easy, free down load button!
Thanks for any considerations!


  • StephenZenStephenZen Administrator Posts: 609
    The download option will be added in the future to the new shopping experience. It was not part of the initial launch, but it is actively being worked on to add.
  • Great thanks, I'll just use the "Old" shopping experience until it gets added.
    Thanks again!!
  • It looks like you've addressed the OP's concern as now the download option was added to the new shopping experience - but now it allows download up to the maximum allowed size even if downloads are EXPLICITLY DISABLED on all groups/photos/etc. I've had to revert back to the old shopping experience to protect my images. I'm very upset that Zenfolio would negate this security setting with no communication whatsoever and I'm about ready to switch to another provider in the hopes of protecting my images.
  • Agree. All I have ever wanted is for my photo files to be protected unless "I" send a link to a client or provide a password to a group, that allows them to download the SIZE of file "I" choose. As it is now, I put huge ugly water marks over the photos most likely to be downloaded or have a screenshot taken, and I am using this site more for gallery display than sales. The other alternative would be to upload only small, low res files and that would be just as ugly. (I tried and didn't like the look at all.)
  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    Hi Amanda!

    If downloading is explicitly disabled in all groups and galleries, then the downloading of the maximum allowed display sizes will not be allowed.

    Something important to note is that the downloading of display images is not controlled by the settings in Access Control. Just like before with the previous shopping experience, the option to allow the downloading of display images is controlled through the Options panel in Customize Website View.

    So to explicitly disable downloading from the gallery, it will require both the disabling of downloading of original images via the Access Control panel AND the disabling of the downloading of display images through the Options panel in Customize Website View.

    When both of these are set to disable downloading, then the images will not be downloadable from the site.

    If you're experiencing a different results, please contact Zenfolio support and let us know. Make sure to send us the link to at least one gallery where this is happening so we can review it and see why the downloading is allowed.

    In case it is needed by anyone else, see this link for how to hide the download icon from the Quick Shop in the New Shopping Experience -
  • Jetski Race PhotosJetski Race Photos Member Posts: 3
    One more issue to add to the long list of Zen issues. I have to dig for hours to make one change, but it is hidden, or on some other tab or only known to a few. Zen need to re-design their entire system. It it a convoluted mess
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