Printing a clients favourites.

A client has created a set of favourite images, I want to print them for her.

Is there a way to do this from within my site or do I need to do it manually?


  • ChessZenChessZen Posts: 552Administrator
    This depends on what you have in mind in regards to printing.

    If you mean that you would like to print a list of the photos in the Favorites list, that can be done by exporting the Favorites list. Doing so will generate a CSV file that contains a list of the photos in the Favorites list.

    Here is an example screenshot showing where to find the Export function (it's marked with a number 4)

    Please note that the Favorites list would need to have been shared with you by the client for the Export function to be accessible.

    If by print, it is meant that you would like to order prints of those images- you can do that through the page where you manage the Favorites Set.

    That is done by clicking on 'Manage Favorites Set' to open the Favorites list (number 3 in the screenshot above).

    Then click Buy when viewing the Favorites list to start the print ordering process.

    Click here for more details on working with Favorites Lists.
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