Configuring Domain Emails

Right now I’m using my old email as my contact source. I’d like to set up an actual email with my domain new (ex: How would I go about doing this?


  • StephenZenStephenZen Administrator Posts: 608
    That's a great idea!

    Through Zenfolio, we don't actually host any custom e-mail addresses. However, you can reach out to your domain registrar/host for and they usually have e-mail hosting as an optional service.

    I'd start with them to see if that's something they offer.

    When you're ready to update the address for your contact information on your Zenfolio site, you can go to your Dashboard > Settings > Account > Contact Information.
  • Thanks, I was actually coming back to say disregard this post. It literally just clicked in my head that this is a site hosting "issue", not a Zenfolio issue. I was a little slow this morning. Haha!
  • StephenZenStephenZen Administrator Posts: 608
    Haha! Not a problem at all. :smile:
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