Sports Photography Process

H There, can anyone suggest the best work flow for a sports photography buisness. We want to have as many people pre-buy a digital package as possible before photo day. Then we will fulfill the order after photo day. we will have the images uploaded into a Zenfolio gallery for after sales and additonal prints / action shots etc.


  • Under products, could you set this up as a session fee? Maybe this would only be possible if you have a membership that allows self fulfillment? If so, they could pay you up front with the name and number of the athlete (with a processing service fee to Zenfolio), and you would capture that person on the day of the shoot, process the photos and mail them out. You could likely make an email template for the purpose of collecting the information needed.

    I think you might need a backup/refund option in the event the athlete is not in attendance on the day or in the event you are not able to capture suitable images.

    I've just shot the photos, watermarked them and put them in a gallery for people to order. Does that work well? Not particularly. People seem to prefer taking ugly res screen shots to paying a few dollars.

    Here is another possible idea for you: Have someone with you on the day of the shoot to take the orders. Use one of the credit card apps or take cash, whatever works best. If you have a visible area and some signage, you might get more business this way. Good luck and let us know what you decide!


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