blog vs mailchimp

please advise - i don't know the difference between blog and an email blast to clients (via mailchimp for example). If I create blog on my zensite, can I email it to my clients as a newsletter?


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    A Blog is like a public online journal that the blog writer uses to share their thoughts and ideas with others.

    The blog itself is a website with webpages for each blog post that is created by the blog writer. The blog writer shares their thoughts and ideas in those blog posts.

    Email blasts are emails that the email writer sends to their subscribers. Unlike a blog, it is not a website but an email that is sent to an email address. The subscribers can only read the email by opening the email with their email client (like Outlook, Thunderbird or Apply Mail).

    If you decide to use the blog feature in your Zenfolio site, you can send a link to your blog or your blog posts to your subscribers in a newsletter. When they receive the email, they can click on that link to go to your blog and read your blog posts.
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