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I'm sorry if this is an exhausted subject but I cannot seem to get a direct answer by searching the forum or from Zenfolio support staff.

I simply want my site to show if someone searches "horse or equine photographer in Wisconsin" on Google.

I thought I had to use the HTML text tag but Zenfolio support told me I don't have the capability to do that (why exactly I don't know....)

I used the words "Equine portraiture in Wisconsin" on my site. It's been MONTHS and I still don't show up on a Google search. And I know there are not that many photographers in WI like started showing Minnesota photographers and non-relevant information at the end of the first page. I literally searched my keywords and my name but it still does not show on Google search.

I admit I am pretty new to building a website but I feel I should be showing up SOMEWHERE on a Google search.

Any help?



  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    Hi Stacy!

    For your site to show up on searches, you'll need to work on your site's Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In addition, you will also need to make your site's SEO better than other sites with the same relevant information.

    Unfortunately, this cannot be done simply with just one or two steps, it takes many steps to do this, with some steps being done outside of your own site.

    Also, sorry for the confusion but you can use the HTML tag with Google Webmaster to verify your site with Google. This is available at all plan levels. The important thing is that it needs to be done correctly or Google will not able to verify your site.

    Again SEO is a very big subject and it will take a lot of research and then work to make it happen. You can see all of our recommendations for how to increase your site's SEO here.
  • Photo Captures by JefferyPhoto Captures by Jeffery Nashville TNMember Posts: 71
    I am not sure if you are listed on the following site but it might be something worth checking out.

    Also always add a tagline when you use a forum so you are always leaving your website name, address and one sentence tagline. Where allowed on sites Google and other search engines to pick them up in search results.

    Hopefully this has been of some help.

    Jeffery Johnson
    Photo Captures by Jeffery
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