digital download price list is not showing....

I am finding that with pricing enable that the buy button show a boatload more things for sale than what I only highlighted my price list for single digital down loads... but I see Prints, Home decor, other, greeting cards and photo gifts as well as the digital downloads.
I only want the digital downloads to show as it is the only price list I assigned.
How do I accomplish this.
Thanks in Advance.


  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 208
    Hey there!!

    You may be seeing all of those options because you are logged in and the system is only displaying those options to you, the account owner.

    Try testing this out on another browser where you are not logged in.

    If the problem persists, send Customer Support an email here

    Be sure to include the name of the gallery and price list in question :smile:

    Hope this helps!
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