Wide prints

I'm looking to sell wide prints, however zenfolio only offer 12x24, and I was liking to offer my customers 15x30 & 20x40 prints. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can accomplish this?

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  • ChessZenChessZen Posts: 552Administrator
    Mpixpro offers a 20X30 and a 30X40 print. You could offer the 15X30 and 20X40 prints as Self Fulfilled products. Then when an order for these prints come in, you can print them on the 20X30 or 30X4 print and have the print sent to your studio. You can then trim the print to the custom size before delivering them to your client.
  • That would be a great idea, unfortunately, if I ask them to print a 20x30 or 30x40 print, I can't trim that down, cause the image will be as large as the paper. So I wouldn't be able to trim it down. Any other ideas would be welcomed? Thanks! John

    Any ideas on framing for these wide prints? I haven't been able to find anyone who will do large framing like this reasonably.
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