How many of you agree?

When I joined Zenfolio years ago, one of the main decision points was customization. Hands down, Zenfolio was the only service that had the ability that allowed photographers to not only customize their sites appearance but more importantly, how it functioned when their clients used it to purchase prints. It was full of features that could be turned on or off based on the needs of the photographers. Sure, there were a few hiccups here and there that created some challenges but these were eventually corrected or the engineers had some work-a-rounds that made things less confusing.

Today, things are headed in the opposite direction and it seems that it will only get worse. Features are being developed that will force us to use what Zenfolio believes is best for everyone. The new shopping cart "experience" is a perfect example. I don't have any problem with the development team coming up with new ideas and features for us to use. The problem I have is having those features forced upon us causing us to change how we do business with our clients and suffering the impact of mass confusion. Developers, and now management, are reflecting a position that they know better than their clients (the photographer) what's best for their business. I'm sure that everyone agrees that they DON'T!

I have warned everyone about these changes Only 61 views and one response. Obviously, this doesn't seem to bother any one at this point because the changes are still "optional". However, next month the changes will be permanent. Can't wait to see the responses then.


  • andreasweberandreasweber Stuttgart, GermanyMember Posts: 1,001
    Well, my livelihood did never depend on Zen's service - and I cancelled my subscription in September, so I can't say I really care ;-)
  • SueGSueG Member Posts: 66
    Agree. It is pretty obvious that Zen is no longer interested in keeping their promises to us about a list based sales option being available, nor in being a reliable company of integrity, nor in honoring their promises to be our partners in succeeding in business.

    They cannot be trusted any longer to help us earn a living, but instead, seem bent on destroying our chances of success with forcing this awful shopping system that no one can navigate onto all of us.

    Time to move on.
    Sprout studio and pixieset are options some of my pro photographer friends seem happy with.

  • wesleynulenswesleynulens Member Posts: 2
  • I have been becoming increasingly frustrated with Zenfolio as my business and website needs have grown but I've stuck with it because I've invested a lot of time into my site and switching would take time I dont have.

    I tried the new shopping experience and found it a huge step backwards. It does nothing to improve the convoluted check out process which is where the problem lies and reduces the customisation options for the galleries. If it is made compulsory then it could be time for me to cut my losses and move on

    It seems that while claiming to be number 1 with pros Zenfolio has little idea of what we want and is doing everything it can to appeal to consumer wanting to print their holiday snaps on cushions.

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