Advantages/Disadvantages with using Zenfolio blogging V Wordpress

I use Zenfolio as a paid for host for my website, and am happy enough with it. It displays my galleries and offers me selling options via standard checkout facilities to gift vouchers etc. It doesn't look especially modern, but I'll live with that for now. Recently I've begun to think about starting a blog...

My natural inclination was to use the Zenfolio blog option, but then I started to wonder if this was best. I would appreciate if anyone could quickly give me their thoughts on the advantages/disadvantages of using a Zenfolio blog versus, say a Wordpress version. I have never written a blog. Concerns that started to arise as I initially thought about it were:

# What happens to my posts my blog posts if I started with a Zenfolio blog and then wanted to move to Wordpress ? Can I easily port them or would it be a cut and paste job ?
# Is the appearance and flexibility of a Wordpress much better and more up to date than the Zenfolio offerings.
# Would I lose much from, what I assume, is the tight integration of a Zenfolio blog to my galleries and selling options, by using a third party blogging option ?
# I'm sure there are SEO ads/disadvantages and options, but are there any clear differences ?

Very many thanks



  • Barry EdgeBarry Edge Member Posts: 2
    Adding a question to this post ... Will a Zenfolio blog layout be completely mobile compatible ?
  • Hmm, not much feedback. I am wondering many of the same things you listed.
  • I use Wordpress for my website & Blog with Zenfolio for images and print sales.

    The main advantage is that with WP, you "own" the system and you can pretty much control all aspects of it. With a ZF website/blog, you are constrained with what you can do, and many aspects are out of your direct control.

    The advantages of a 100% ZF site are that it's a bit simpler to setup and run, and a lot of the routine things are automatically taken care of.

    As always, it's a balance - and the right solution depends exactly on what you want or need, and your level of experience.
  • Do you lose seo if use wordpress vs Zenfolio for blog?
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