How to Eliminate Multiple Shipping Points / Shipping + Handling

I just tried to order 6 or 7 prints for my own usage. They were similar sizes and options. Nothing exotic. Before checkout, I'm advised that some items will ship from another vendor so I'll be paying extra shipping. How can I determine what item(s) are shipping from another vendor so I can delete it. None of the items are must have and I have no desire to pay twice the shipping.


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    Check the galleries you ordered from and make sure you are using just one lab, such as mpixpro, and not both mpix and mpixpro at once.

    But even when doing that, I have had this same double shipping charge happen with no explanation in the cart, such as for accordian mini albums or cards ordered along with prints.

    When contacting Zen, I was told that even though it is one lab, they print and ship some items from another facility. This is the logistics problem of the lab, imo, and should not be a charge customers are forced to bear. I don't pass on to my clients travel charges based on where I chose to scout. Labs should not pass on shipping charges based on their decision to put their printers and binding equipment in separate buildings. And no other pro lab that I have ever used (dozens) dares to take this liberty. They might ship items separately based on the time it takes to make the order, but never charge the customer twice to ship only one order placed together.

    One order should always result in one shipping charge, and we should know specifically what items will trigger a double shipping charge so we can prevent our customers from going through this frustration until Zen or the three in one lab trinity remedies this problem..

    So in your case, if you have only one lab for your products, I recommend ordering directly from a lab that ships most prints for free, such as Bay Photo, and bypass Zen completely.
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    Hey Jerry!

    There are a few reasons why an order would split. The most common reason is that you are using multiple labs in your price list. An order can also split if you have chosen to color correct one image, and not the other images.

    I suggest contacting our Support Team here - they can help you determine exactly which products are causing the issue.

    For more info on why an order would split, click here

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