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    Last year I took a good look at several on-line gallery+lab services. I actually signed up for everyone's free trail periods so that I could have first hand experience with all of them. In short, Zenfolio still had the best offering but runs the risk of doing serious damage to itself by developing functionality and then forcing it upon its members. One of the biggest advantages they "had" was that they were feature rich and highly customizable allowing the photographer to decide what looks AND works best for their business. That's all about to change folks!!!!

    Out of all the other on-line options, Shootproof was the only service that I considered "progressing" and moving in the direction that appeals to photographers with "legitimate" full time businesses. They still have a long way to go but at least they are headed in the right direction and worth watching. Slowly but surely, they are nipping at everyone's heals in the industry and will eventually reach the point of "Viable" in the near future.

    For example: They had a very strong relationship with Bay Photo but understood the importance of giving the photographer choices while allowing labs to compete head-to-head for their clients (photographers) business. My understanding is they will be adding another lab in 2017 giving you three lab choices all of whom are highly reputable and full service. I'd bet they add WHCC but that's just a guess.

    Another example: They now have their own Shootproof Pay. 2.9% fee plus $.30 per transaction. No commission taken on the sale. You can also use PayPal and NetAuthorize if you want as well. The more important concept is that they now offer the end-to-end solution internally which they didn't have last year when I reviewed their program.

    I'm not promoting .... just sharing and hoping that Zenfolio gets the message on how important it is to stay focused on the needs of their clients and give them the option to choose the features THEY BELIEVE work best for their businesses.

    Here's how I read the tea leaves.....
    Developing features and forcing them upon everyone IS NOT A GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICE AND WILL DRIVE CLEINTS AWAY!!!! Not all photography business are run the same way. On-line gallery services that understand that will succeed...those that don't will fail miserably moving forward. That's why I believe Miller's/MPIX forged a relationship with ShootProof.

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