Can't approve an order.

A customer has just ordered ad 24" x 20" Canvas Wrap, the image they have selected is 5040 x 3360 @300 dpi yet I get the following message.

"This order cannot be approved.

There are products which have photos that do not meet the minimum required resolution. Please replace those photos which do not meet the resolution requirements."

I can't approve the order, that is what the customer wants, it seems odd that you can order a product that can't be fulfilled, sure the resolution check should take place before the customer pays for the order?


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    When Pending Order Approval is enabled, the system will allow the client to order a product even if the image does not meet the product's minimum resolution requirement. The reason for this is it allows the photographer to upload lower resolution versions of their images and still offer very large prints for sale through their site.

    During the Pending Order Approval, they can then replace the low resolution images with higher resolution versions of the images.

    Unfortunately, the lab will not accept the order if the image does not meet their minimum resolution requirement so to approve this order, you will need to replace the image with a higher resolution version of the image.

    To avoid this issue in the future, I recommend not offering products for sale if there are no copies or versions of the image that meets the product's minimum resolution requirements.

    Click here for more info on the minimum resolution requirements.

  • But the customer has paid for the product, it is embarrassing that now have to tell them they can't have what they want.
  • SueGSueG Member Posts: 66
    Agree-this would be embarrassing, and Zen should not have let the checkout take place.
    Can you order it from CGpro and drop ship to them? Canvas is so forgiving that smaller files usually print fine. Or you can google how to upsize the file in lightroom or PS and upload the enlarged file. Personally I feel that if Zen took their money, then they should help you find a way to fulfill the order.
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    Upsizing using PS or Lightroom is not a very good solution. This is the industry standard for upsizing. I've used it on images that have been displayed on billboards.

    BTW -- Zen is not responsible for what we sell. We are. They provide the car that get's us there but we still have to drive it. We learn from our errors and mistakes every day so take heart, learn, and improve every step of the way.
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    My coworkers and I have upsized in PS or LR with no problem at all on numerous occasions, but each to their own.
    Most of us are not printing billboards routinely, but for an 11x14 or 20x30, PS or LR upsizing is generally fine.

    But regarding Zen not being responsible for taking money for unavailable porducts at checkout- Strongly disagree.

    If an item is not available for purchase due to inadequate file size, the Zen system should not allow checkout to take place. Many other services do this automatically.

    Of course it is Zen's responsibility to build a halt into their checkout system when an item is not available. No one wants to pay for something and then be told "sorry, we took your money, but you can't have it."

    If they can't have it, tell them that before they check out, and don't take their money.

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    @SueG - before dismissing someone's suggestion and making them appear stupid.....give a little thought to what you say. I used the "billboard" example as a way to make a point that One1 Perfect Resize has the ability to enlarge images way beyond the native resolution of ANY camera and is far superior than any other software application (Photoshop or LR). There's a reason why the product exists! Perfect Resize (formerly called Genuine Fractals) has been around for a long time (at least 12 years) and is regularly used by professional photographers. It does more that just increase the size. It costs nothing for you to see the difference as you can download a FREE trail. Before passing judgment, why not try it out and then share your thoughts based on first hand experience. Don't take my word for it .... Try it yourself RISK FREE.

    Uploading lower resolution images and then uploading the appropriate file size to fill an order is very common. If you don't want to follow that process then you should only sell products that can be supported by the file size you provide. Again, this is not the fault of Zenfolo. Their process is very similar to almost all other fulfillment services.

    Not taking the side of Zen ... just saying that the original poster would have the same issues regardless of the fulfillment service they used.
  • Well the canvas wrap has been delivered today. I ordered it direct from One Vision imaging, they printed it using the very same image Zenfolio said wasn't of sufficient resolution.

    To add insult to injury, both myself and my client have been charged for the product.

    You really need to look at the ordering system as it is clearly flawed.
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    @Kevin Krows did you see the size of the file he specified?

    That is plenty large enough for a canvas up to at least 30x40. It should not have been any issue at all for the lab to fulfill, given the dimensions he stated.

    I'm not passing judgement on your preferred software, but most of us use adobe cc and he probably has it already-

    he shouldn't have to buy new software, no matter how good it might be, to satisfy one fickle ordering system.
    Am just disagreeing with you-wish you were a bit more open to that, because I feel it really discourages interaction in a forum when one person dominates with such strongly stated opinions and takes any other professionals differing opionions so personally.

    It's not personal.

    We just dont always see eye to eye, and in this case, yea, its a no brainer for a photo host service provider who wants to do right by their customers- Zen should definitely step up and fix the issue with the lab criteria; I don't ever order canvas from them, but would be upset in his situation also.

    I do not upload 30 mb images with dimensions over 6000 on one side, and doubt most other pros do either.

    Requiring such a huge (and unspecified) file size is just ridiculous.
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    And as this screenshot of the link @chesszen posted above shows, the OP definitely uploaded a large enough file.

    Not the "recommended" size, but acceptably large enough to fulfil the order. He has every right to be upset, as the lab rejected a file that should have been large enough according to these screenshots. And charged him and embarrased him. Very bad CS.
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