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All,  Share with the group what you believe is your best photo(s) based on whatever criteria you think are relevant ( your opinion, visits, sales, or whatever). 

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  • scottpeircescottpeirce Posts: 36Member
    I don't know if it is my best, but here is one of my favorites from the year passed:
  • jguild2120jguild2120 Posts: 147Member
    Nice capture Scott. The image displays strong feeling of convergence, all lines (fence, road, yellow stripe, power lines, clouds ) pointing towards the center ? towards the oncoming storm. Very effective!  Thanking for sharing? John Guild
  • mayo_win_teimayo_win_tei Posts: 44Member
    Hi Scott,
    Very nice photos!  I always like to look at the metadata on photos and I see you've gone through quite an evolution with your Canon cameras, from Rebel to 20D to 50D. There was even something identified as "fujifilm". 
    I had a similar route, except I went from the Rebel to the 40D, and now the 50D.  I love the new processor in the 50D.  I do a lot of night football games and the ISO magic of Canon is quite evident there.  I can shoot wide open on my 2.8, 70 - 200 mm lens, but usually don't have to shoot slower than 1/500th of a second, which can really stop the action in the shot - no blurriness at all.
    On my list of next projects is to get some great bird shots.  You've got some really nice ones.  It looked like you used a 300mm lens for some of them.  Which particular lens did you use, if you don't mind my asking, and how do you like it for overall shooting?
  • DocPixelDocPixel Posts: 11Member
     I've done some florals this year that I'm pretty happy with, but I think these daffodils are the best. I like the contrast and snap.Hi Carolyn! *waves*
  • jguild2120jguild2120 Posts: 147Member
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    DocPixel, those daffodils are nice.  My favorite of your is 'Lilly Elegance'.  To me that is a wonderful capture beautifully laid out. Nice work indeed!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
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  • DocPixelDocPixel Posts: 11Member
     John, those are AWESOME. I'm thoroughly impressed, and love how you work with mirrors. I like everything in your "Flowers in the sun" gallery. In fact, I'm going to post a thread on OVA about your work, if that's okay. We do that when we encounter a talented artist that is new to us.
  • DocPixelDocPixel Posts: 11Member
    John, you're in our "Discovered Artist" board now. Here's the thread, if you'd like to see it. Normally in that board, I post one small image as an example of the artist's work. But kudos to Zenfolio for not letting me.  
  • jguild2120jguild2120 Posts: 147Member
    >I'm going to post a thread on OVA about your work<Oh Sarah, that is very kind of you.  By the way, with respect to the flowers (especially, the 'After Dark' series), its not mirrors that I work with but water.  I guess its has about the same effect (effection) except that with water you can develop wavy type reflections that you see in several of the images.
    Again, thanks!     
  • DocPixelDocPixel Posts: 11Member
     Water! By golly, now that I look again... How very cool! Well, that trumps the print scanner I used for my daffodils. :)
  • jonnolanjonnolan Posts: 3Member
    Well here we go! I started using Zenfolio on January 1, 2009 and have been overwhelmed by the ease and how much fun I am having. It is the first time I am able to display my work on a grand scale. Over the years I have participated in Art Shows and had some success. I am not sure where this will lead but my experience with several other sites similar to Zenfolio has not gone very well. The images posted in the Art and Military section, many were shot a while ago, however, quite a few have been edited and revised-edited in 2008. I have been playing HDR techniques and have developed a lot more interest in what I am doing. Hope you find them with some interest.Jon-Nolan
  • DocPixelDocPixel Posts: 11Member
     Wow, Jon-Nolan, some really nice work there. Love the black & white tree shots and the old truck. Which do you consider your best one?
  • dubhdubh Posts: 149Member
    some wonderful shots have been posted already.  
     i purchased my first macro lens this year, the canon 100mm macro and started learning how to take sharp macro photos.  so the photos i'm most proud of from 2008 are definitely my macro images.  two of my favorite macros involved harassing a hornworm that was discovered in the backyard:hornworm 1
    hornworm 2
     my best seller this year overall was my irish cottage taken in 2006, but thats no surprise since i sell out of that print every year at the local shows.  the best seller out of my new images ended up being the white lily on white.
  • jonnolanjonnolan Posts: 3Member
    Thank you for the nice comment. I have to say it is the Presidio of San Francisco shot. Oh course I do like the most resent ones in Volcano.?Jon-Nolan?
  •[email protected] Posts: 143Member
    Hard to choose... they go from good to ho-hum.. and back.. Guess I'm just moody.  But this is one of the few actually printed and framed recently...Perth at Night Ez
    BigEasy's Photography
  • fotobugfotobug Posts: 43Member
     I don't know if it's my best, but it is my favorite Lilly  
  • nevessanevessa Posts: 88Member
  • nevessanevessa Posts: 88Member
    Here's one I really like because of the light and composition.
  • timestoptimestop Posts: 74Member
    Sunbathing Beauty?
  • jguild2120jguild2120 Posts: 147Member
    For 2008, I like the one I took of my daughter
  • ClairedeluneClairedelune Posts: 30Member
    Lots of creativity! Congratulations everybody!I'm not especially good at choosing my own best, but this one has been my favorite lately. But, I'll change my mind, no doubt![:)]
  • Wietse BijlsmaWietse Bijlsma Posts: 2Member
    It's hard to pick one but I've been working on a collection with what I think are some of my better pictures
    Please let me know what you think is one of the better pics in there.
    I'm using zenfolio for a couple of years now mainly as a backup for my pictures since you can save high resolution pictures with unlimited storage but also to share my pictures with friends and family who live on the other side of the world. 
  • ESCapadeESCapade Posts: 82Member
    It is not 2008, i have 2 photos - [link=]Feeling blue[/link] is one of them to start 2009. The other is kept for next competition.
  • stevehalestevehale Posts: 187Member
    Hi all,
    My previous post seems to have dissapeared so here it is again.
    Some truly superb images in this thread from you all!
  • Eric PhillipsEric Phillips Posts: 13Member
    Here is one of my favorites for the year. A little macro wrk.
  • alwheeler98alwheeler98 Posts: 29Member
     I really love my wide angle lens
  • YvanPhotoYvanPhoto Posts: 159Member
    [quote user="wbylsma"]Please let me know what you think is one of the better pics in there.[/quote]Nice photos ! Very diverse topics!
     #34 is my favorite.
  • YvanPhotoYvanPhoto Posts: 159Member
    You guys and gals are so much more creative than I am ! What gorgeous photographs there are in here ! I feel like being not creative at all in comparison to several of your photos... you "create" the photo while I only snap what is out there[:(]  You are all teaching me great artistic lessons with your examples.
    Now, while I've been traveling a lot for my job and took photographs of fantastic places, my personnal challenge is to highlight the several charming and beautiful details of my small rural village (pop. 3200) which is one of the oldest in North America (mid-1600s, during the French regime). So, I decided to select one photograph which, for us leaving here, has a lot of meaning: sailboats taken out of the marina for wintering but photographed during the 2008 Indian Summer sunset (Indian Summer is a 3 or more days of warm weather in Oct-Nov after the first series of Fall freezing days). It is a contrast between a warm sunset and out-of-water sailboats probably "feeling" they are not at the right place at the right moment! 
    In fact, such a photo may look like any other standard photograph except to the ones who know... Thus, it talks only to a very few viewers...and has very different impacts on different people. From what I have seen from the other posts, you have presented photographs that talk to a much wider audience. I couldn't really find this in my 2008 photographs except for a few maybe. Here are examples:
    These bring me some feelings even if I'm not religious, but my prefered travel photos are in fact part of a series: windows and doors of Lisboa houses, in Portugal. Here is an example: 
    Sorry if I couldn't make my mind on only 1...  but I felt this exercise was also an occasion to exchange with you about "what makes a best photo".
    Your comments are very welcome.
  • nevessanevessa Posts: 88Member
    I wouldn't call you uncreative at all!! And I see we share a common appreciation for windows and doors, although I don't have as many posted.
    I think your work is wonderful and I love your that's creative!
  • safphotosafphoto Posts: 6Member
    Can't really pick "the" best. But here are a couple that I like...

    Middle Falls - Hocking Hills Ohio
    Upper Falls - Hocking Hills Ohio ?
  • alwheeler98alwheeler98 Posts: 29Member
    [quote user="YvanPhoto"]So, I decided to select one photograph which, for us leaving here, has a lot of meaning: sailboats taken out of the marina for wintering but photographed during the 2008 Indian Summer sunset (Indian Summer is a 3 or more days of warm weather in Oct-Nov after the first series of Fall freezing days). It is a contrast between a warm sunset and out-of-water sailboats probably "feeling" they are not at the right place at the right moment! [/quote] I like this very much.  Boats out of water seem both sad and full of anticipation.
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