Why Blog on Zenfolio?

I was wondering why I should use the blog feature on Zenfolio if Adsense isn't supported. My photography work is seasonal and I wanted to use a blog to supplement some of the income during slow seasons. Is there no way at all to integrate ads on the blog feature?


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    Unfortunately, the use of ads is not supported through Zenfolio.

    If the primary reason for blogging is ad revenue, then there is no reason to use the built in blog. In this case, feel free to use a different blogging service with the Zenfolio site. You can remove any links in the site menu that link to the built in blog and link it to the other blogging service instead.

    There are other photographers that use their blog for reasons other than ad revenue. Some photographers use their blog for SEO purposes, others use it to display proficiency in their fields, while other use it to display their daily thoughts and updates. For those photographers, there is a reason to use the built in blog.
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