Zenfolio's useless blog feature

Good news... photographers using Zenfolio can create a blog on the Zenfolio site and tie it directly to their Zenfolio galleries!
Bad news... it has fewer features than a Twitter post.

Okay, that may be overstating the problem a bit, but the point is there. The Zenfolio blog is so limited in its customization that I've found myself simply not using it anymore. Compared to popular blog sites like Wordpress and Blogger, the Zenfolio blog is nothing more than a notepad.

This seems like such a big whiff from Zenfolio. Such a good site dedicated to photography and photographers, but such a waste of a blog feature.

I've written Zenfolio about this before, and have seen comments on the community about it, but I have to ask... How is it that one of the leading photography website services comes complete with lab selection, a shopping cart and deep customization, yet neglects one of the most important things about being a photographer... connecting with your audience? It's quite embarrassing, actually.

I guess I'm past the point of complaining about it (since Zenfolio rarely does anything its customers suggest). I just want to know how something this important can be so neglected.


  • I am having so many issues with the Blog that I think I will switch to something else for Blogging.
  • I HATE the blog! So many issues! I wish I could offer something other than a complaint, but it's just bad. Period.
  • I have no real problems with using it but its just so limited, I also get decent numbers of views on my blog and no ability to put Adsense on my blog pages. Plus a huge concern with the actual SEO that gets "done for us" by Zen is leading me to do research today about moving my blog (which of course I can't even export and will be forced to copy/paste).
    As I'm looking it seems Wordpress is my best bet for the blog and the more I think about it if I start a Wordpress site then I will just move everything over to my own hosted site. Unfortunately I have 2 large Zen sites and its going to be a ton of work with thousands of photos as well as hundreds of blog posts but I am not feeling like investing more time in growing my site if I'm just going to be limited on my growth by my website provider.
  • id like to have a share to facebook button. It says not available on this layout but I'm not sure if it available on any layout.
  • munish khannamunish khanna new Delhi, IndiaMember Posts: 5
    simply change the layout to the one which allows the facebook button and then change back to whichever layout you desire and the facebook button stays :-))
  • Wordpress allows website, storefront and blogging all on the same location - I don't want to have to manage a blog and a website.
  • I am experiencing a problem that is bout to be a deal breaker for using Zenfolio. As much as I love their service so much, I do not like their blog page option nearly as much as my already established wordpress site. Their support helped me to create a custom page that would link to my wordpress blog but there is no way for me to link to it when I post my blog on social media, that includes my domain name so all of this time, I have literally been getting zero traffic to my website from my blog site traffic and it's maddening. I had one post go viral and it didn't even touch my website. I tried creating a custom URL since I control the DNS behind my domain so i created http://blog. katieprallphotography.com which forwards to my wordpress blog site but i'm not seeing any traffic on google analytics when I do see traffic on my wordpress stats. If you they going to force me to use their blog app in order to get "credit' for the traffic to my blog then I am going to cancel, get pro photo and just go all in with wordpress. Please tell me there is a way.
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