Zenfolio's useless blog feature

Good news... photographers using Zenfolio can create a blog on the Zenfolio site and tie it directly to their Zenfolio galleries!
Bad news... it has fewer features than a Twitter post.

Okay, that may be overstating the problem a bit, but the point is there. The Zenfolio blog is so limited in its customization that I've found myself simply not using it anymore. Compared to popular blog sites like Wordpress and Blogger, the Zenfolio blog is nothing more than a notepad.

This seems like such a big whiff from Zenfolio. Such a good site dedicated to photography and photographers, but such a waste of a blog feature.

I've written Zenfolio about this before, and have seen comments on the community about it, but I have to ask... How is it that one of the leading photography website services comes complete with lab selection, a shopping cart and deep customization, yet neglects one of the most important things about being a photographer... connecting with your audience? It's quite embarrassing, actually.

I guess I'm past the point of complaining about it (since Zenfolio rarely does anything its customers suggest). I just want to know how something this important can be so neglected.
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