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Zenfolio, Wordpress, & Future Development

Hi all,

I recently wrote this blog post about a switch to Wordpress and back again;

If you're thinking of trying Wordpress as an alternative, I'd recommend giving it a read and learning from my mistakes. Most importantly; keeping the number of WooCommerce products to an absolute minimum, and choosing a lightweight theme.

The second point of this tale is to raise awareness for features which are urgently required in the Zenfolio platform. If you have any comments or additional feature suggestions - particularly SEO-related, please add them here or in the Comments section of the blog post. Please speak up. If everyone stays quiet, Zenfolio are never going to bother fixing these gaping holes.




  • DG OAKILL DG OAKILL Member Posts: 15
    responded on your actual post. you are 100% correct!
  • George WheelhouseGeorge Wheelhouse UKMember Posts: 7
    Thanks for your reply David.

    It certainly seems like you share my experience with these photography websites.
    It's amazing no one has nailed this market yet.

    I was told by someone at Zenfolio that they would post a response to my blog post, but like their feature development, it simply hasn't happened. Maybe they'll respond to one paragraph of it in 2 years time ;-)

    PS: For what it's worth, I like what you've done with your site; your theme/styling is really nicely done.
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