Is mobile commerce really as bad as it appears?

I am a new subscriber to zenfolio and wanted to know if i am doing something majorly wrong, or is the mobile commerce experience almost impossibly bad? For example, my customer wants to purchase the smallest digital download available for use on facebook, which they access almost exclusively on their mobile phone. I went through this with a customer on both android and iOS devices and it was not possible for me to make a sale. I got as far as 'select images' then there was a dead end. At no point is there a warning saying this is something that cannot be done on a mobile phone, apart from the fact this is such a basic feature that there shouldn't need to be an apology forcing people off their phone to a computer. I have come across this before for other products (not possible on a phone and no warning message) but was told this was a 'feature request' not an error.


  • this is why i hesitate to contact customer support, their response : "We are currently working on improving our shopping experience with the New Shopping Experience. I’m not sure what all is planned, however I will be sure to pass your feedback regarding purchases made through the mobile device." i.e. "no, you're not doing anything wrong, it's just crap, and i have no idea when it's going to be fixed'
  • Ok, so finally got the right answer to this - thank you Robert - in 'edit digital product' there is an option for minimum and maximum number of items required for the product. If both of these are set to 1 it works (i had my maximum set to a higher number)
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    John -- I have always contended that the "mobile" experience should be one designed around a "view only" platform. My reasons are as follows:

    1. Smaller mobile devices are hard to use when placing orders simply because of their physical size. It's important that the transactional "e-commerce" experience be done in such a way that allows the client an easy to use, clean/clutter free, larger previews, and a straight forward shopping cart experience that isn't filled with the garbage that Zenfolio is currently developing to win another "Wedding Photographer" award.

    2. I have hundreds of clients that use the mobile platform that is presented to them using my URL (no Ap needed). It's clean and easy to navigate for viewing purposes and for adding images to the clients Favorites. This is what almost all of my clients do. They place their orders when they have time and are in front of their (larger) computers.

    3. Finally, I question the level of security when placing and order through a mobile device (particularly a phone). Security has not reached the level of proficiency as the computer platform. Sure, security may be present in a browser but what about the cell phone service provider and their data connectivity and tracking capabilities which they extend freely to any company with an AP. What about all those FREE game and news feed aps??? Haven't you ever wondered about their ability to capture anything you enter into your phone???

    In short, Zenfolio needs to simplify and become more strategic and tactical in their approach to e-commerce. Focusing on a complex platform filled with option after option will limit their effectiveness and drive sales into the tank. Think about it .... don't YOU want to do business on sites that are simple and easy and don't waste your time with a bunch of "stuff"? Sure you do ..... EVERYONE does. As such, all of us need to continue to put pressure on Zen's management and development staff to make this their #1 priority.

    Over the past two years Zenfolio has done many things that have indeed simplified and eliminated points of client confusion .... They just haven't won any industry development awards for those things. We all compete for the consumer's discretionary spending dollars so let's make it easier for our clients to do business with us so they don't jump on over to Amazon and buy a salt shaker just because their ecommerce system is easier to use :wink:
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