New Crop Tool --- PERFECT!!

Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,462
Several years ago, Zenfolio eliminated the crop handle cropping tool and replaced it with the "zoom-in/out" crop tool. The reason that the development team gave is that the crop handle tool didn't work on the mobile side when people placed orders on their small devices like their cell phones. Any advantage gained by this change was equally lost (or more) when clients (or photographers) used in on their laptop or desktop computers. Truth is, while people use their mobile devices to view content on our sites regularly, they use their laptops, desktops, and tablets to place orders. Not only is their more viewing space their is also greater security when completing their payment in the transaction.

Zenfolio has introduced a New Cropping tool that goes back to the "crop-handle" tool and has modified it slightly to make it more intuitive. It's absolutely perfect and it's VERY intuitive to use. GREAT JOB ZENFOLIO!!!

THESE are the types of changes we need. Not a complete radical overhauls of the shopping cart or user interfaces. Identify what users struggle with, are slowed down by, or are confused by and fix them.

Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions as to what features they want to see developed. Some are good for everyone but most are only good for the person who suggested it or a focused group of photographers (wedding photographers for example). These are fine, but don't force everyone else to use them. Rather, let them be options that can be chosen by the photographer when setting up their site. Tools like the new crop tool, however, benefit all photographers and their clients that use them. These need to be the default. Features like the "Zoom Crop Tool" shouldn't even be an option.

Thanks again Zen!!
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