digital download of five specific images

How would I set up selling digital download for five specific images charging a single price for the group of five? Seems this would be a common need, but I've been unable to find a way to do it.


  • If you have self-fulfillment and don't mind extra work, perhaps you could set up the Product Description in Self- Fulfilled Products (purchase five images for $x), have clear labels for each photo in the gallery, set the price and have the box checked that allows clients to leave you a message. The client would then list the five images they would like. You could verify their choices before sending them the files or prints. Yes, I hope there is an easier way, too:)
  • Thanks for the suggestion, but when I tried to set up the self-fulfilled product, I was unable to save it. When I clicked on the save button, absolutely nothing happened. Maybe I don't have a plan that allows this kind of product? My account is classified as premium rather than starter, pro, or advanced, but I've noticed that this category of plan no longer is listed.
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    This thread has been labeled as answered even though I have indicated that the proposed solution does not solve the problem.
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    Hey Randy! The Premium plan does allow for selling Self-Fulfilled products. If you're experiencing an issue with saving a Self-Fulfilled product, please contact Zenfolio support and let us know.

    If you would like to sell a product that allows the client to download five images that they select, that can be accomplished by creating a Digital Download product and setting the maximum number of images that are included with the product to 5.

    Click here for more info on setting up Digital Download products.

    If you would like to sell 5 specific images of your choosing, that would be sold by using the Self-Fulfilled products feature. You would upload an image that represents the 5 images (like say a collage of the 5 images) and then offer that for sale as a Self-Fulfilled product.

    In case it is needed, click here for how to set up a Self-Fulfilled product.

    And again, please contact Zenfolio support if you run into any issues along the way.
  • That's one of the things I tried before coming here. The main problem I had was that I could never find a way to associate the product with the five specific images that needed to be in the package.
  • I allow 5-10 digital prints with my mini session specials. (Take advantage of the Events feature if you do something like this.) I use this feature to upload the images, but it doesn't matter how you have them--event or in its only folder/gallery. I have all my clients "favorite" their top images. Zen now has it where we can see the fav's without clients sharing (super sweet feature!). I do still ask my clients to shoot me a message when they are done choosing or share the fav's cart with me just in case they aren't done deciding and need time to change their mind. (I do allow up to 48 hours to choose). Go into the favorites page and you can download those images yourself (which I don't see the purpose since I already have them on my PC) or open a new collection. I open a whole new collection/gallery. Why open 2 galleries? 1) When I click on the collection option, I not only open the download feature, I also choose the expiration feature as well. They are given a deadline to download their images. Once it expires, I just delete the folder, BUT they still have the other folder with all their images to view, order, share, etc...
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