How do you disable downloading with the Mobile Site?

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I am referring to the mobile website. It is either on or off. I have downloading turned off everyplace I can disable. Yet when people view the mobile version of the website they can still download photos. I need a way to disable downloading without turning off the mobile site.

As it is I can find no way to protect my photos from being downloaded with the feature turned on. I am forced to turn it off. I see a lot of people view my website with a mobile device and would like to be able to use the mobile version - If I can disable downloading photos... It's silly to give mobile users access to download photos for free when clicking the cart button to purchase the photo instead.


  • Jeff, I think this will work: Go to SITE SETTINGS/PHOTO MOMENTS AP/ and go to the bottom of the box and select DISABLE ALL DOWNLOADING
    Personally, I gave up as people were just taking screen shots, which look horrible. My solution is to put a watermark on every photo, right in the middle of those that are for sale, and to the side of those which are more promotional in nature.
    I hope you can find a solution and not lose sales.
  • That doesn't stop downloading on the mobile site - already tried that but thanks
  • Jeff Hurst PhotographyJeff Hurst Photography Member Posts: 5
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    To be more clear - the mobile site in the customize only has one option - enable or disable - I do not want to use the photo moments app
  • Jeff Hurst PhotographyJeff Hurst Photography Member Posts: 5
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    People are able to download logo free photos to have printed elsewhere with the mobile site enabled - where is the security for photographers? Disabling the mobile site and forcing mobile users to desktop mode stops downloading, but also removed the ability to purchase prints! Surly there is a way to stop people from downloading our photos without taking away the ability for them to purchase using mobile devices...

    Photo moments is even worse. disabling downloads still allows people the option to download, opens the download feature and sets and spins at 0% - Plus you can not add photos to cart even though button is there.. all it does is open the photos in full screen mode...
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    Has there been any resolution to this issue? I've done web searches, searched the Support Center, and so far, nothing. I was going to use the Photo Moments app so that my seniors and clients could at least have digital access to their images on the app, WITHOUT the ability to download them...not even at low res. I understand that people will still screenshot, I get it. But even with every option to disable checked, I'm still able to download the "high res" file. It has disabled the low res download, and the original file download...but not the high res. I don't get it. Just trying to protect my work here, while at least giving my clients SOME access to their images, and still giving them incentive to buy from me.
  • Log out of your admin account, view as a visitor, and then try to download. When I did, it would never download just set and spin like it was trying to instead of disabling the option as it should have. I ended up turning off the mobile part of the website since people were also having trouble clicking on photos to view them from the thumbnail page to order prints. Have not looked at the mobile website since..

    But to answer your question, there was never a response from anyone but you on my problem and why I turned the mobile site off.
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