Edge browser crashing repeatedly using Zenfolio as of the last few days.

This morning had at least 5+ instances of "zenfolio.com is not responding" browser then restarts and I can then continue.

This occurs when in the gallery edit view and I am arranging folders, uploads and galleries.

Am using MS Edge browser in Windows 10 64 bit.

Am accessing via Bigpond (Telstra) broadband in Australia.

In fact just got the issue trying to post this message.

What is going on ?

Best Regards,


  • I have only just started using Zenfolio and I am having the same problems "zenfolio.com is not responding" it has happened about eight times today and about six times yesterday, looks like this was reported some time ago and no replies to sort out problem
  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    Sorry to hear that you're experiencing an issue with accessing zenfolio.com.

    There are no technical issues on our end that would prevent a visitor from accessing zenfolio.com.

    Zenfolio employees regularly visit zenfolio.com multiple times a day from various locations around the world. If there was an issue with accessing that site, we would definitely have known about it.

    In your case, please contact Zenfolio support through this page - http://www.zenfolio.com/contact - so we can troubleshoot the issue with you and determine why you're not able to access zenfolio.com

    Also just to add... to work with your account and make changes through the Dashboard, you'll need to use a supported desktop/laptop web browser. Unfortunately, the Edge browser is not yet a supported web browser and so not all processes will work when using that browser.

    Click here for a list of the supported web browsers.
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