Can't create a Client Access code beginning with "h0-h9"

I am unable to create an access code beginning with the letter/number combination h1-h9...
In red below the code it reads...ends with a reserved word ("h1") as I start typing
Is there a way of searching through my access codes to find where h1-h9 are previously used?
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  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    There are some combinations of letters and numbers that are reserved for system pages. Those combinations cannot be used as the Client Access code for any galleries.

    When you see the notice about the Client Access code ending with h1, it means that the Client Access code cannot end with 'h1'. It does not mean that there is already a gallery that is using that for its Client Access code.

    So in this case, you'll need to choose a different Client Access code for your galleries that does not end in h and then a number.

    Also if you would like to know which galleries are using a specific Client Access code, simple add the code to the end of your website's web address (URL) with a forward slash (/) in between your site's URL and the code (e.g. ) and enter it into a browser address bar. If that code is being used as a gallery's Client Access code, then the browser will direct you to that specific gallery.

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