How to change how people can download pictures on mobile site

So I have had a few complaints about how it is hard to find out how to download pictures from my mobile site. It's located at the top in a little down arrow which if then selected there is an option to download. However, finding this button is not always the easiest for customers for some reason. Is there a way I can make it different? Perhaps so that there is a download button right above the photo instead of at the top of the page?


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    Unfortunately, there are no built in settings that will allow the photographer to display the download link in the mobile site in a different location in the page.

    But we are always looking to improve our services and so if having this option is important to you, I recommend posting a request for it in our uservoice forum.

    That way, other Zenfolio users can vote on your idea and help bring your request to our developers' attention.
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