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Please bring back the fit to photo with the cropping feature so that a customer can print white space. You've rendered our business as useless without this feature!!!! Please Help!!!!


  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,459
    Would you mind sharing details as to why your business is now useless because customers cannot print white spaces? I've seen many more complaints that printing the white space has had a negative impact.

    History -- The new cropping tool is actually the original crop-handle cropping tool with a different look. The development team changed the tool to a zoom in-out crop tool several years ago to make cropping on smaller mobile devices easier (mainly smart phones). However, the trade off was that it caused many more issues on desktop, laptops, and tablets which is where most people place their orders.
  • A great majority of our images and newspaper page reprints do not fit standard photo sizes (4x5, 8x10,11x14 etc.) Because the new crop tool uses the smallest dimension and ignores the longest dimension, anything outside the crop area cannot be printed. It would be infinitely better if the new crop would use the longest dimension as the default crop size. That may result in some white space on the short dimension, but it would also give the option of cropping down to a smaller size. If a customer actually wants a full newspaper page reprint and the original size 9.875x21.5, they can't get it. For a 16x20 size, the crop tool uses the 9.875 size for full width and crops it to 16" wide. The height is 20", which actually crops out 4.625 inches top and bottom. There is no way to actually print the full page. Based on that, you have effectively put our website out of business.
    What we need is a button that will us to proportionately fit the full page to the crop size. Then if the customer chooses a 16x20 size, he can fit the page. Sure, there will be some white space left and right, but it's the only way to print something as odd sized as a newspaper page.
  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 513
    Thanks for also sending your feedback to us at Zenfolio custom support.

    Your feedback has been shared with our developers and it is being taken under careful consideration.

    Thanks again.
  • Brian BaerBrian Baer Member Posts: 1
    I would like to be able to print non-standard sized prints on standard paper with white stripes on top/bottom or right/left sides that I can later cover over with matting. I am now forced to make a copy of the photo and in Photoshop increase the canvas size and then crop to a standard size. This takes time if I have a number of photos I want to print.
  • I'm having the same issue. I don't crop my images to fit standard dimensions, so I've always ordered prints with the image fit to the page and matted over the white spaces. Now that's not an option. I contacted customer service because I thought it was a glitch, and was told that I can Photoshop images I want to print onto a standard canvas size before uploading them, just as the previous poster says they have to do. I don't understand why such a simple feature that makes such a big difference to many photographers would be removed. Because of this and some of the other changes to the selling features, I'm actually closing my account after seven years.
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