Adding Relative Links to Custom Content - Suggestion

Andrew Gransden PhotographyAndrew Gransden Photography Member Posts: 3
edited April 2017 in Customizing Your Site
I joined Zenfolio within the last month and have been working on getting up and running and transferring my existing web content to a new Zenfolio-based website.

Due to the limitations of the menu 'fixed' system, I have added a number of links to custom pages to navigate to additional content. Zenfolio only allows absolute links to be inserted via the link tool (eg. http://mywebsite/additional.html). This complicates things if you change the URL for the site. Normally, you would overcome this with relative links (eg. /additional.html). You can edit this yourself with care using the Source button.

It would be useful if the link tool would allow the user/designer to add relative links to custom and other pages either by selection of pages as normal or my typing in the link.


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