Making Copies of Group, Collection or Gallery

I was wondering if one could make a copy of an element (such as a Group, Collection or Gallery,) then edit it so one would end up with a new element with identical settings as the original. The reason I am asking is that there is a way to set the default setting and then apply it to all others. But sometimes there are nuanced differences between how you want to display a Group and the way you would like to display a Gallery or a Collection. The way to do that now is to first apply the default settings and then edit these to suit that particular element at hand. If you have to add a new Gallery or Collection, you have to do that all over again, picking the proper theme, layout, etc and checking/unchecking every little details in the options window, making sure you remember them all. That is not a very efficient way to do it.

Is there is a work-around to that? Am I missing something (I would not be surprised)?



  • Niranjan PatelNiranjan Patel Member Posts: 16
    Wow...after so many days, only one view and no comment. Do people see this forum anymore. Not even the staff? I am surprised.
  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    Hi Niranjan!

    If you need urgent support, please send your question to the Zenfolio support department through this page -

    In any case, unfortunately, it is only possible to copy the customization settings of one gallery. That is done by setting that gallery's customization settings as the default settings.

    As you already know, you can apply the default settings to other galleries but if the gallery needs additional customization that differs from the default settings, then it will require manually applying the customization settings to that gallery.
  • Niranjan PatelNiranjan Patel Member Posts: 16
    Thanks Chess for your response. Looks like this could be something I can recommend to the feature voting system. I think it is a worthwhile capability to have.
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