Photo Book OMG can I have my 2 hours back!!!!

Joel PierceJoel Pierce Member Posts: 5
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Customers have complained about how cumbersome it is so I tried it today myself. I finally got the album the way I wanted with just 20 photos, one image per page. I got a message about "white space" being printed on one image. So I go to the image which is the very first single page and I change the layout but for some reason it pulled the second page image to the first page and completely messed up the order of ALL the images. All in all I spent over 2 hours on a single photo book and ended up having to scrap the whole thing or move each image back one space.

PLEASE fix this. I have been to other sites and their solutions are so much more elegant and efficient.
Many customers ask for photo books. So far my only solution is give them the digital images and let them go to another service to have the books made.
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