No SSL encryption when accessing password-protected items?

Chris Bassett PhotographyChris Bassett Photography Member Posts: 3
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I noticed when testing a password-protected group, that there is no SSL encryption when the password is being sent to the Zenfolio website. this is a security problem and makes password protection somewhat useless it's not terribly hard to get a program that reads network packets and can extract this information. I strongly suggest that Zenfolio provide SSL encryption during transmission of the password between the client (web browser) and the server. I would expect when paying $20+ a month that this would be provided for such security features. It also makes me wonder what else (the shopping cart system) is not fully encrypted as well. The actual user dashboard is SSL encrypted, so why can't you provide at least a public SSL encryption for password-protected items on user's web sites?

I have the middle-tier package, and I would assume this would be part of this package. On the starter package, I can understand why this would not be available, but for $20 per month, this should be part of the system!
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