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Hello everyone! I'm new here and just getting my business up and running. I am charging my clients in packages, so like $350 gets you the shoot and a $25 print credit for example. I know I can give them a gift certificate, but for that $25 do I have to put that onto my account some how so that they can use it? I'm confused as to how they work and all of that. It also says if it goes below the base price I am responsible for that. Any help would be great!


  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 216
    Welcome!! :smile:

    If a Gift Certificate or coupon brings your account into the negative, the negative balance accumulates until it gets to about -$50. At that time, the negative balance would be debited from the credit card that you have on file. You will be responsible for the base-cost of the products, so if your clients purchase $25 worth of products on your site, but the cost to print the products is only $5, then you would be responsible for the $5.

    I hope that clarifies :smile:
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