Download set to 'large' but allows full size download and no drop down menu with sizes

I have been wasting hours on this and getting extremely fed up. I have set a gallery to allow download but maximum of large. I was expecting a menu to appear with download options but all there is showing is a underlined 'download' link which allows downloading of FULL size original straight away with no options for size. I have followed all the articles on setting this up but its not working!!! Help!!!!


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    When downloading has been allowed in the Gallery Access Control panel, then visitors will be able to download a copy of the full size original image.

    If you prefer to only allow the downloading of Large display images, then you'll need to first disable the ability to download original images.

    Then go to the Customize Website View of the gallery and allow the downloading of smaller display images.

    Click here for how to allow the downloading of display images.
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