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  • tulatop said:

    It'll take a little labor and time, but it looks like SmugMug's interface is easy enough to learn that it won't take too long to migrate my portfolio there until I can wrap my head around Squarespace. Thankfully I had a Phanfare subscription that migrated over to SmugMug when they were bought out. Grateful my relationship with Zenfolio will be coming to an end sooner rather than later.

    It's been easier than I expected... The first few hours trying all the templates and getting my head around how squarepace works were the hardest. Now I have a template, have modified it to get the look I want and I just need to add all my photos and I'll be ready to transfer my domain name... it will be a work in progress for a while but I'm quite excited to have a new look... thanks Zenfolio for giving me the nudge!
  • So does anyone know if you get a refund if you cancel out of a yearly subscription early?
  • PixstelPixstel Member Posts: 40
    Looking at the T&Cs I suspect not. Basically they're all about what you can and cannot do - no obligations on Zenfolio what so ever, they can do what they like and you have no recourse.
  • tulatoptulatop Member Posts: 22
    "For annual plans, Zenfolio offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee: within 30 days after subscribing to an annual plan, a Photographer can contact Zenfolio and ask for a full refund of the annual subscription. After the first 30 days, the charge is committed for the duration of the annual subscription and partial refunds are not available. The 30-day refund policy is only applicable to annual plans. Monthly plans do not qualify for refunds upon cancellation."
  • PixstelPixstel Member Posts: 40
    For anyone with an annual plan, the fair thing to do is to allow the 30 day opt out to restart from the date of imposition of the quick shop
  • tulatoptulatop Member Posts: 22
    The trend suggests Zenfolio doesn't give a rip about fairness...
  • Rob SRob S Member Posts: 10
    Ugh, really struggling with this quick shop crap. I was happy with how things worked before, I'd got it all set up nice and some days received hundreds of orders and hardly any questions. Now orders are way down and questions are up.

    Sometimes when I load the photo page I see the old layout and my heart skips a beat that I've been able to get back to it, but it doesn't seem to stick.

    If this doesn't get sorted, I'll be off to smugmug. Shame.
  • Hansruedi FischHansruedi Fisch Member Posts: 5
    Vote for this Multiple Default suggestion which might somehow help to restore original gallery appearance.

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  • Rob SRob S Member Posts: 10
    tulatop said:

    I don't agree with Zen's business model at all. They seem to be catering toward the high-volume professional almost to the exclusion of people like me who have a passion for photography but don't possess the financial imperative the pros have.

    I'm a high volume pro. Nearly 500k photos live, around 10 million photo views on the galleries over the years. I hate the new system too, and I am trying really hard to make my voice heard at Zenfolio. The arrogance of their decision to impose this change on us is mindblowing.

    If this isn't resolved quick, I, like the rest of us here, will be taking my business elsewhere. I have lost a lot of trust in Zenfolio over this change, the mobile site crap, and that album crap they pulled last year that screwed over a bunch of wedding photographers. Like you I'm already a couple straws past "the last straw" but just haven't had the impetus to actually move yet. Now I'm getting ready to do just that.

  • Rob SRob S Member Posts: 10
    @gnagel It very much seems like they're ignoring us and carrying on regardless. Plenty of photo hosts have failed before, plenty of businesses have failed from not listening to their customers so I wonder what makes Zenfolio think they're invulnerable?

    I wonder how long until we see them on this list:
  • They have been ignoring their customers for years when it comes to development but this is the worst, I still can't understand what they were thinking but it's not a problem for me anymore.
  • I am glad I am not alone with my distaste for this change and the response from Zenfolio! My plan is up in October and I plan on moving which is sad because I have been loyal to them for the past five years and referred several other people to them over the years.
  • StephenZenStephenZen Administrator Posts: 609
    I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone that has contributed feedback surrounding the new shopping experience. It has, and will continue to be, passed on to our development teams.

    From the comments, I can tell for some the changes are less than ideal. Please keep in mind the changes weren't made on a whim and were tested thoroughly over the last year to bring an experience to fruition that is an improvement over the older one.

    Unfortunately, the old shopping experience will not be returning, as the new one is the way forward.

    If you have feedback on improvements or suggestions on how we can make it even better that would benefit other customers, we would love to hear these. They can be emailed to our Support team who will ensure they're passed on.

    Also, if anyone has unanswered questions on the new shopping experience or how to set it up to best serve your customers and you, please reach out to us on our contact page.
  • PixstelPixstel Member Posts: 40
    You claim these were tested thoroughly. Yet in the poll I posted not the vast majority do not like it. The few who do not outright hate it give only qualified approval. You have had numerous comments as to what we want, yet nothing has been done.

    Please can you explain exactly how the new shopping experience is an improvement?
  • PixstelPixstel Member Posts: 40
    Sorry annoying typo in last - should read in the poll I posted the vast majority do not like it.
  • Please keep in mind the changes weren't made on a whim and were tested thoroughly over the last year to bring an experience to fruition that is an improvement over the older one.

    Unfortunately, the old shopping experience will not be returning, as the new one is the way forward.

    Thanks for confirming I made the right choice to not renew my premium plan with you and move my site elsewhere.
  • Barbara JonesBarbara Jones Member Posts: 38
    Ditto what everyone above is saying. My viewing numbers are way down since this new shopping experience, and it's a few months now since I sold anything !! The text on the shop page that now replaces the photo page does not match careful customisation throughout my website, but then, the shop page bears no relationship to ANYTHING at all on my website. It looks so unprofessional. The option to comment on any image has also been removed, and so have my exif details that many clients like to view so they know what they are getting. The side bar is optional, luckily, because it is pig ugly, and I have had it pointed out to me it detracts from the viewing experience. So today I removed it. Zenfolio, you really must listen to YOUR clients, that's us paying annual subscriptions.....we need the OPTION to not use this dreadful Shopping Experience.
  • tulatoptulatop Member Posts: 22
    And then there's this... :lol: :lol:
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  • When will you be able to customise the theme of Quickshop. At the moment it looks horrible. Because it put the caption and title as well as a slideshow under the image it makes the image tiny. I want the title and caption but overlayed on the image. Will this be possible as well as can you switch off the slideshow as it is taking up space on the screen
  • Barbara JonesBarbara Jones Member Posts: 38
    Hi Simon. I disabled "Scale Images" in options on customize your website ( ironic!) and selected XX Large for Galleries within my dashboard. That way you get a larger and much sharper image. However, I would like best if the font on the title and description matched the rest of my personally customised website, and I had the option of WHERE it was placed like you state. It is SO messy now.
  • Last Shot PhotographyLast Shot Photography Member Posts: 2
    edited August 2017
    I get that my price has been low and it's been awesome! Seriously, to tailor it so much though and give me the things I never asked for like this horrible shop experience, is not a good reason or why to keep your clientele. Smugmug and Zenfolio always seemed to be neck & neck for a while but since Zen went to 3 plans and Smugmug offer more diverse plans, this will probably end my time here. More expensive for less. Smugmug's 2nd Tier has almost everything I need for awhile before I want/can sell again for way cheap while their matching Zen 2nd (SM 3rd Tier) is $15 less.
  • gnagelgnagel Orland Park, ILMember Posts: 105
    Yes...I wish that the new features weren't introduced...and then used to justify a price increase of 18%! Can I pay 20% more and have some of the features reversed--like Quick Shop?
  • Ozark Light by Randy WilsonOzark Light by Randy Wilson Member Posts: 11
    edited August 2017

    Unfortunately, the old shopping experience will not be returning, as the new one is the way forward.

    If you have feedback on improvements or suggestions on how we can make it even better that would benefit other customers, we would love to hear these. They can be emailed to our Support team who will ensure they're passed on.

    Ok, get rid of the slideshow along the bottom that covers up the caption and return the grid option for display of gallery thumbnails. Get rid of the useless price list on the right, useless because it displays only a few products and gives the impression that those are the only ones. Put something more specific and descriptive than "Visit Shop" on the button that goes to the actual price lists.

    In other words, scrap this new "way forward", because it's crap.
  • Barbara JonesBarbara Jones Member Posts: 38
    How can we make it "even better" ?? giving us paying members the option of having the "way forward" reversed. Improve it by giving us the opportunity to turn it off !
  • remcodoumaremcodouma Member Posts: 11
    Holy crap, I'm also just discovering what happened to the site. What a disappointment. I guess I'll just have to look for an alternative. I'm upset that this is just forced upon me, I don't want that shitty layout for my photo view.
  • ESL PhotographyESL Photography Member Posts: 26
    ChessZen said:

    Just to clarify, if you're not selling prints and don't want to push your clients to purchase products, you can disable selling from your galleries (or for just specific galleries).

    When selling is disabled in a gallery, the Quick Shop page will not appear.

    This also applies if selling is already disabled in the gallery. The Quick Shop page will not appear in those galleries either.

    Click here for how to disable purchasing from a gallery.

    I want to sell my images - it's how I make my money!

    What you're not getting is the BRASH forcefulness look of the buying options or, in other words, the shop front. It's too in your face and far too pushy. The reasonably discrete system we had before you changed it was perfect.

    Combined with an annual subscription AND a 7% fee for self fulfilled products it's all getting too much. I have now disabled my shopping "experience" (what an awful experience it is too) from my more recent galleries - no sales for weeks now???!! - and now use Photoshoot for my shopping (less in your face and images load much more quickly and in a more pleasing format) and they don't charge 7% on sales.

    The only reason I'm hanging on in there is your SEO capabilities are much better than Photoshoot.

    Sales have now resumed to near normal, via Photoshoot. Something odd there. Perhaps Zenfolio can join the dots? Then again, I suspect in their arrogance they know best.

    I am SO disappointed, especially after all the recommendations I've given for Zenfolio over the years. I'm not burning my bridges yet but I'm afraid if things don't change before my subscription renewal comes up I will probably fly the Zenfolio nest with, from what I read, many others.

    It's also frustrating not to hear from the management - many responses to other threads and posts but a stubborn silence with any messages concerning this shopping "upgrade".

    Please, I beg you Zenfolio, listen to us paying customers and change things nearer to what they were.
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