Events question

When i make an event and put on the search option for bib numbers - i would like an option if the bib number not is found to choose to se all pictures. Or when to search an option like "search" for your bib number or wanna see all ?

Cant get that fixed - any good advises ??



  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    Unfortunately, there aren't any built in options that automatically display all results when no results are found.

    What you can do instead is add keywords like 'show all' to the keywords of all of the images. You can then add some text to the Event's landing page indicating that the visitor can search for 'show all' and all of the images will be displayed.

    Another alternative would be to display the thumbnail of the galleries in the Event's landing page. That way, the visitor can just click on the gallery and peruse all of the images in the gallery (or galleries) in the event.

    Click here for how to display the thumbnails in the event's landing page.
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