How do I set up offer to buy multiple digital downloads

How do I setup my price list so that customers can purchase digital downloads for a discounted rate compared to purchasing each individual photo? For instance, instead of one digital download for $8, you can get 5 for $25.


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    You can do that by creating an additional Digital Download product that you will see along with your current Digital Download product.

    In the new Digital Download product, set up it so that it allows for choosing a maximum of 5 images with the purchase of the Digital Download product.

    The part where you choose the maximum number of images is marked with a number 6 in this example screenshot.

    Then add that Digital Download product to your price list and set its price to $25.

    When this is done, your clients will be able to choose from the single image Digital Download product for $5 or the 5 image Digital Download product for $25.
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